A Chilling Mystery Unfolds In First Trailer For Ian Olds’ Burn Country


A small northern California town is plunged into chaos in the nail-biting first trailer for Burn Country, Ian Olds’ upcoming thriller that’s pegged for release on December 9.

Told through the lens of Osman (Dominic Rains), a war reporter still assimilating back into normal life following a tour in Afghanistan, Burn Country orbits around a chilling murder investigation that involves Melissa Leo’s world-weary detective. Eager to cut his teeth as the town’s budding new crime reporter, Osman begins to strike up a friendship with the wildly unstable Lindsay (James Franco) and Sandra, an elusive free spirit played here by Rachel Brosnahan. What begins as an innocent venture into the town’s subculture turns into something much, much darker. Formerly titled The Fixer, documentarian Ian Olds is the filmmaker behind the lens.

Part Fargo, part Twin Peaks, look for Burn Country to open in select theaters on December 9. The full poster is embedded below the trailer, too.


Leaving behind his life as a fixer for Western journalists reporting on the war in Afghanistan, Osman (Dominic Rains) lands in a small bohemian town in Northern California, living on the couch of his friend’s mother (Melissa Leo) and working as a crime reporter for the local newspaper. Restless and eager to find purpose in the context of his new life, he befriends a couple of locals—the eccentric and unstable Lindsay (James Franco) and the elusive Sandra (Rachel Brosnahan)—recruiting them to help him penetrate the town’s peculiar subculture. When Lindsay mysteriously goes missing, Osman gets drawn into the backwoods of the town in order to find him. As things begin to take a dangerous turn, Osman is forced to confront the untenable reality of his situation.