A Classic Will Smith Song Is Becoming A Movie Musical

Will Smith

One of the things people miss most about Will Smith movies is that the actor no longer provides a tie-in song for the soundtrack, with his number for Wild Wild West, in particular, a lot more enjoyable than the film itself. In fact, it’s been sixteen years since he released an album and four since he even recorded a solo single, which is a crying shame. And no, the Aladdin soundtrack technically doesn’t count.

As much as we’d have loved to hear a rap focusing on David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, if only for how downright weird it would’ve been, Smith’s Westbrook Studios are now working on what we’ll have to accept as a suitable compromise. Hip-hop musical Summertime has been announced, which is based on DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s 1991 song of the same name, as per Deadline.

The Grammy-winning hit came from the duo’s fourth album Homebase, and it’s endured as an annual summer anthem for the last 30 years. It went gold in the United Kingdom and platinum in the United States, and it’s the sort of easy-listening track people never get tired of, which goes a long way to explaining the impressive longevity.

David Entertainment has partnered up with Westbrook for Summertime, although plot details remain under wraps for now. Peter Saji, who served as a writer and producer on Black-ish and created two musical episodes of the show, will pen the script and direct. Hopefully, Smith ends up making a cameo appearance, even if it’s just for him and Jazzy Jeff to perform a new version of the song over the credits.