A critically panned Christmas rom-com is finding new love on streaming

four christmases

A highly criticized Christmas film starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn has found new life on streaming

Four Christmases is currently a top ten movie on HBO, Netflix, iTunes, and Google. According to FlixPatrol, HBO has viewers in the United States, while iTunes’ audiences are based in Botswana and Namibia. At the same time, El Salvador viewers have provided traction for the film on Google. 

As for Netflix, Four Christmases fell in two different categories: the top ten overall list in the United States and a top 10 movie. It was heavily streamed in the following countries including, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States. 

The film follows an unmarried couple whose vacation fell apart and are forced to spend Christmas Day with family members. Upon Four Christmases’ release in 2008, it generated $163.7 million worldwide and received mixed or average reviews among critics. 

Four Christmases also stars Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Jon Voight, Mary Steenburgen, Kristin Chenoweth, Jon Favreau, Tim McGraw, Katy Mixon, Dwight Yoakam, Carol Kane, Colleen Camp, Jack Donner, Steve Wiebe, Skyler Gisondo, Patrick Van Horn, Brian Baumgartner, Cedric Yarbrough, and Haley Hallak. 

Since Four Christmases‘ commercial success, Vaughn starred in several projects, including Couples Retreat, The DilemmaLay the FavoriteThe Internship, and Unfinished Business. While Witherspoon worked on Monsters vs. Aliens, This Means War, Sing, Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere, and The Morning Show

Four Christmases is now streaming on HBO, Netflix, iTunes, and Google.