A Cult-Classic Tim Curry Film Zaps Back To Life On Streaming

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We still can’t quantify the enormous impact COVID has had on the world. It’s affected all our lives, placed restrictions on what we can do, and altered the way people think around the world. But there’s one aspect of the pandemic that’s unjustly ignored, and it’s time for that to change: COVID putting a temporary end to barnstorming live screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Yup, with a killer virus on the loose people just weren’t willing to slide into fishnets, slap on heavy make-up, and throw slices of toast around in a packed theater. Maybe, when we look back this time in the future, this will be considered the true tragedy of the last two years.

All that’s probably why The Rocky Horror Picture Show is zipping up the streaming charts, with viewers reaching their wit’s end as their Frank-N-Furter addiction means they give up and watch the movie at home. The movie is available to stream on Hulu, with domestic audiences flocking back to groove to the Time Warp, Hot Patootie, and the killer Sweet Transvestite.

But any home viewing will pale in comparison to seeing the movie live – The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the longest-running theatrical release of all time for a reason. Any screening worth its salt will see rice, confetti, and playing cards hurled at the screen – and bringing a newspaper to shield your head from the water pistol deluge during the storm scene is practically mandatory.

Plus it’s a great excuse to get dolled up and strut around in drag. And, while that’s kinda fun at home, it certainly feels less sordid when you’re doing it as part of a big group rather than alone in front of the sofa.

Let’s hope this burst of steaming popularity for The Rocky Horror Picture Show means the fire still burns for it in theaters.