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A cursed comic book reboot is really happening this time with its 5th director and 7th star after landing a bumper 8-figure distribution deal

At long last, development hell has been escaped.

the crow
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The definition of insanity is seared into the public consciousness as doing the same thing over and over again in the hope it will eventually yield a different result, but we’ll be damned, because The Crow reboot is finally, actually, genuinely happening for real this time.

Per Deadline, Lionsgate has closed an eight-figure deal for domestic distribution on the project that features Bill Skarsgård in the role of Eric Draven, made both famous and infamous in equal measure by Brandon Lee’s unforgettable turn in the 1994 original that also ended with the fast-rising star being killed in an on-set accident.


The reinvention of the original comic book series was first announced in December of 2008, and since then we’ve seen Stephen Norrington, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, F. Javier Gutierrez, and Corin Hardy announced as director, with Snow White and the Hunstman‘s Rupert Sanders finally bringing it across the finish line.

As for the title role, at various points Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston, Bill’s brother Alexander Skarsgård , Jack Huston, Luke Evans, and Jason Momoa have either been in talks or signed on the dotted line to don the face paint, and we haven’t even mentioned the candidates thrown up by the rumor mill that includes the likes of Jack O’Connell, James McAvoy, and Mark Wahlberg to name but three.

Shooting may have wrapped in September of last year, but there’s a lot of people who steadfastly refuse to believe The Crow V2.0 is a real thing that’s happening until they see it with their own eyes. Now that it’s got domestic distribution, that day is closer than ever before.

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