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A downright deranged cult favorite horror comedy answers prayers by gearing up for a sequel

The sequel the world has been waiting for is finally upon us.

the velocipastor
via Wild Eye Releasing

It’s difficult to predict ahead of time which movies are destined to find cult classic status, but based on nothing more than its title, you could see the enduring popularity of The VelociPastor coming from a mile away.

Writer, director, producer, and editor Jordan Steele literally came up with the idea after his phone autocorrected the word “velociraptor”, which turned out to be a huge win for anyone with a soft spot for utterly demented horror comedies made on a shoestring budget that substitute their lack of financial clout for sheer insanity.

the velocipastor
Wild Eye Releasing

As you may have inferred from the title, the film stars Gregory James Cohan as Doug Jones, a priest who travels to China after the death of his parents, where he somehow gains the power to turn into a dinosaur. In another obvious plot development, he’s convinced by a sex worker to fight crime upon his return home, and thus – The VelociPastor is born.

In the news we’ve all been waiting for, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that a crowdfunding campaign is underway to raise money for the sequel, with the goal set at $275,000. To put that into perspective, the first installment cost just $36,000 to produce, so we can expect something even bigger and crazier.

That’s pretty much already been confirmed by the vague plot, too, with the second chapter finding Doug and Alyssa Kempinski’s Carol traveling to Milan to solve a series of murders that also involves a fertility festival, Soviet spies, and Interpol. Yep, we’re fully on board for this one.

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