A fast-paced sports thriller is the latest surprise hit on Disney Plus

ford v ferrari

The introduction of the STAR expansion for international subscribers has seen content that would typically be reserved for Hulu make its way to the Disney Plus library, which has in turn dramatically altered the complexion of the platform’s most-watched list.

This week alone, we’ve seen the R-rated duo of blockbuster sci-fi actioner Terminator: Dark Fate and chilling psychological horror The Night House perform incredibly well among viewers, and the latest to make a splash is a gripping sports drama bolstered by two top-tier performances from a pair of A-list stars.

Ford v ferrari

James Mangold’s Ford v Ferrari sees Matt Damon’s Carroll Shelby team up with Christian Bale’s Ken Miles to do battle with their superiors, the very laws of physics and their own personal problems to design and build a brand new car capable of taking on the legendary Enzo Ferrari to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1966.

The two leads pitch their work perfectly, and the racing sequences are white knuckle stuff that leaves you breathless by the time the finish line is crossed. A $225 million box office haul and four Academy Award nominations is a solid return for a vehicular-based drama, and as per FlixPatrol, Ford v Ferrari is now on track to become one of the most popular titles on Disney Plus by the end of the weekend.