A Forgotten Anthony Mackie Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

Anthony Mackie

If feels as though you can’t scroll through the Netflix library for more than a minute or two before bumping into a project starring Anthony Mackie, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s freshly-minted Captain America having thrown his lot in with the streaming service on a number of occasions.

Since the beginning of 2019 alone, he’s shown up in sci-fi mystery Io, an episode of Black Mirror, the second season of Altered Carbon, gritty thriller Point Blank, whodunnit The Woman in the Window and high concept actioner Outside the Wire, without even mentioning the fact he’s currently shooting Christopher Landon’s We Have a Ghost for the platform, and recently signed on to headline the live-action adaptation of Twisted Metal.

miss bala

It might not be an in-house original, but another entry from Mackie’s back catalogue has been roaring up the viewership charts, with Miss Bala having jumped almost 50 places to currently reside at the fifteenth most-watched title on Netflix, as per FlixPatrol.

Gina Rodriguez headlines the thriller as a makeup artist who gets in trouble with a Mexican cartel when she goes to corrupt cops for help, forcing her to outwit not only the drug runners but the government as well, who suspect she’s become involved in the outfit’s nefarious dealings. Miss Bala barely recouped its $15 million budget at the box office and wound up with a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 22%, but that clearly hasn’t dissuaded Netflix subscribers.