A Forgotten Fantasy Film Is Finally Coming To Disney Plus


The recent burst of publicity and social media buzz may have died down significantly over the last few weeks, but you can bet your house on Eragon fans using the movie’s upcoming Disney Plus debut to try and drum up even more support for seeing the literary series given a more faithful episodic adaptation.

#EragonRemake was trending just a few weeks ago, but the campaign has already slipped far from the forefront of the public consciousness, but as we’ve seen with many other properties in the past, that won’t do anything to dishearten the diehards in the slightest. If anything, they’ll probably rewatch the maligned fantasy film out of spite just to ensure that it charts on the platform’s most-watched list.


Fan campaigns very, very rarely reap any sort of worthwhile rewards, but there’s reasons to be optimistic about Eragon being revived. The effects-heavy adventure was far from a flop the first time around after hauling in $250 million at the box office back in 2006, and Disney Plus is hardly above reviving mediocre blockbusters as episodic exclusives, as Percy Jackson has shown.

The only downside is that Eragon isn’t great, and offers the standard ‘Chosen One’ narrative we’ve all seen a thousand times before, except this time there’s dragons in it. However, as the launchpad for yet another attempt to will a project into existence that only longtime fans are really clamoring for, don’t discount the notion of Stefen Fangmeier’s directorial debut finding a brand new lease of life on Disney Plus once it comes to the library next month, especially when big budget fantasy television is increasingly proving itself to be one of the small screen’s most consistently popular genres.