#EragonRemake Trends As Fans Campaign For Disney Plus Adaptation


Big budget fantasy shows are all the rage these days, with various networks and streaming services investing huge amounts of money in an effort to try and establish their latest high profile episodic project as the next Game of Thrones. And the internet is now hoping that they can convince Disney to add the early-2000s fantasy book series Eragon to the list of in-development titles.

The concept is solid, following the standard ‘Chosen One’ narrative with a fantastical twist. The young title hero lives in the kingdom of Alagaesia, ruled by the evil Galbatorix. Eragon discovers a dragon’s egg, which in short hatches into his companion and best buddy as the duo team up to try and restore his homeland to its former glories and overthrow the reigning monarch along the way.

It’s got plenty of superficial similarities to some hugely popular movies and TV shows, and everyone knows that people love stuff that’s got dragons in it. To that end, author Christopher Paolini has been urging his fans to campaign for a potential Eragon adaptation on Disney Plus, and as you can see from the reactions below, his supporters have responded in kind.


The 2006 adventure managed to earn $250 million at the box office, but it was widely panned by critics, so any plans for sequels were swiftly abandoned. Essentially, Paolini is asking for the Percy Jackson treatment to the letter, which was also a popular literary series that yielded middling blockbusters from 20th Century Fox before Disney’s acquisition of the company eventually saw them place a much more faithful episodic adaptation into development.

Fan campaigns rarely bring any tangible rewards, though, but if Percy Jackson hits big whenever it arrives, then Eragon is very much cut from the same cloth and could be worth a look.