A forgotten Harrison Ford movie has come out of nowhere to conquer Netflix

the age of adaline

By the time Indiana Jones 5 finally comes to theaters in the summer of 2023 after being hit with another delay, the legendary star will be into his 80s and still headlining action blockbusters, which is an impressive indicator of how sprightly he’s kept himself since first finding success over 40 years ago.

By definition, Ford is much more of what you’d call a movie star than an Actor with a capital ‘A’, but he’s given some stellar performances over the course of his career. One of his most underrated came in 2015’s romantic drama The Age of Adaline, which also possessed plenty of fantasy trappings, and not just because Ford’s initial love interest was technically a character his own age.

the age of adaline

Blake Lively stars as the titular Adaline, blessed or cursed with the gift of remaining 29 years old for nearly 80 years, but she can’t get close to anyone in case they find out her secret. In an unfortunate turn of events, she spends the weekend with her new beau’s parents, but it turns out that she’d previously been engaged to the father decades previously, which is where Ford factors in.

It’s an intriguing premise with which to build a romantic drama, and while Lively and Ford are both excellent in their respective roles, The Age of Adaline is still lacking that certain spark to elevate it to greatness. However, that hasn’t stopped it from crashing straight into the Netflix Top 20 most-watched list as fans gather in their droves to check it out, as per FlixPatrol.