A harrowing thriller has been one of Netflix’s biggest hits all week

sin nombre

Cary Joji Fukunaga’s rise to the top of the Hollywood directorial pile was completed last year when No Time to Die managed to earn a massive $774 million at the box office, making it the highest-grossing Hollywood release of the pandemic that doesn’t feature a certain web-slinging superhero.

The filmmaker first gained mainstream attention for True Detective‘s incredible first season, which he followed up by etching his name in the history books by helming Beasts of No Nation, Netflix’s maiden in-house feature film. However, he already had two movies under his belt by then, with his debut causing a splash on Netflix all week.

sin nombre

As per FlixPatrol, Sin nombre has been entrenched in the platform’s global Top 20 most-watched list for days now, and is refusing to budge. At the time of writing, it currently resides in fifteenth, so it’s clearly struck a chord with subscribers all over the world.

The plot tells dueling stories of a Honduran girl trying to make her way to the United States, dovetailing with a young man trying to extricate himself from his criminal career, and multiple paths converge as their stories intertwine ever closer. It’s powerful, often harrowing, but undeniably gripping stuff, a sentiment that’s being shared by Netflix audiences.