A Jaw-Dropping War Movie Is Bombing Up The Netflix Ranks


As far as debut scripts go, Krysty Wilson-Cairns put herself on the map in spectacular fashion with 1917, which ended up landing her an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay and instantly led to bigger and better things, including Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho and Taika Waititi’s in-development Star Wars project.

Of course, it helped that the intense war drama was laced with acclaimed talent from top to bottom, with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes co-authoring the story and stepping behind the camera, while the legendary Roger Deakins was tasked with shooting 1917 to look like a single unbroken take, which ended up landing him his second consecutive Oscar for Best Cinematography having previously gone thirteen nominations without a win.


Throw in another Oscar winner in a key role via editor Thomas Newman, along with music composed by fifteen-time nominee Thomas Newman, and there was no other outcome for 1917 except widespread acclaim. As expected, the stunning cinematic achievement earned $384 million at the box office and was one of 2019’s major awards season favorites, and it’s now finding a new lease of life on Netflix.

As per FlixPatrol, 1917 has been steadily climbing the platform’s most-watched list for the last several days to find itself comfortably nestled in the Top 20, and it’ll no doubt continue to rise even higher throughout the week.