A-list stars stare into space in ‘Don’t Look Up’ character posters

don't look up

When you assemble the caliber of cast that Adam McKay has gathered together for upcoming Netflix disaster comedy Don’t Look Up, the marketing campaign is always going to be heavily reliant on the raft of famous faces in an attempt to draw in the widest possible audience.

The potential awards season contender has roped in a murderer’s row of big names, quite possibly the most stacked lineup this side of Avengers: Endgame, and yet there are still a handful of major stars that haven’t even been given their own one-sheet.

As you can see below, though, a dozen brand new character posters have been revealed that showcase the majority of the major players from Don’t Look Up staring into space, presumably in fear of the asteroid that’s heading towards our planet with cataclysmic consequences.

Despite the mind-blowing array of stars on those character posters, there isn’t even any room for Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Gina Gershon or Himesh Patel, but not everybody gets the honor of their own personalized promotional image. Names don’t really sell movies to the masses anymore in an era where IP is king, but Don’t Look Up is set to be an outlier when you consider how famous all of these folks are.