A Major Will Smith Sequel Is Reportedly Set To Begin Filming This Fall

Will Smith

The more Netflix’s roster of big budget properties continues to expand, the less likely the prospect of Bright 2 becomes. The history books will always remember David Ayer’s fantasy blockbuster as the streaming service’s first foray into big budget spectacle with an A-list star in the lead, but we’re fast approaching four years since the movie was released, and the second installment has failed to gather any serious momentum.

In fact, we haven’t had an official update on the project for well over twelve months since it was announced in May 2020 that The Incredible Hulk and Now You See Me‘s Louis Leterrier was in talks to step behind the camera, with The Maze Runner and Pacific Rim: Uprising‘s T.S. Nowlin brought on to polish the script written by Ayer and genre veteran Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Even then, the filmmaker hasn’t once spoken publicly about Bright 2, even though he’s become a Netflix regular having been involved in smash hit series Lupin and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, while he also boarded Jupiter’s Legacy as a post-production consultant and shot French action comedy Tower of Strength earlier this year for the platform.

Insider Daniel Richtman claims that Bright 2 will be shooting later this year, though, but there isn’t any additional information provided that we haven’t heard before in terms of the talent involved. Will Smith is currently in the midst of production on Antoine Fuqua’s slavery drama Emancipation, which is scheduled to conclude in the fall, so it’s best to wait and see if any announcements are forthcoming from either Netflix, Leterrier or the former Fresh Prince before hedging your bets on cameras rolling before 2021 is out.