A Mediocre Netflix Action Movie Tops Nielsen Streaming Ratings


The Nielsen streaming charts are always dominated by Netflix on the television side of things, but the movie ratings often cover a number of different platforms. That’s proven to be the case once again, even if the most popular platform has snagged the top spot, thanks to the success of middling action thriller Kate.

The latest set of data reveals that Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s bruising star vehicle was viewed for 428 million minutes, placing it ahead of Amazon’s equally mediocre re-imagining of Cinderella, with Cruella taking third place after leaving Premier Access and being made available for free on Disney Plus.


Pixar’s most recent effort Luca and Michael Keaton’s biographical drama Worth round out the Top 5, so subscribers clearly don’t have any issues when it comes to mixing and matching genres as part of their viewing habits. Kate had a ton of potential to deliver a hard-hitting high concept adventure, but it fell into formula all too regularly, although Winstead is never anything less than believable and totally convincing in the lead.

Kate holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 41% and an audience rating of 52%, so we’ll be curious to see Netflix’s four-week viewership figures after the film topped the Nielsen ratings without winning much in the way of praise.