A mysterious new ‘Scream VI’ character has already raised suspicions amongst the fandom

Original 'Scream' writer praises the film as 'fresh reinvention' of the series
Image via Paramount

The entire horror world is waiting in bated breath for Scream VI to blow our minds and make us rethink all of our preconceived theories. Most of these theories have to do with an abundance of characters — both old and new — in the franchise’s sixth installment. And while a handful of these figures have been studied and recognized in prior movies in the series, one specific character has raised suspicions amongst the fandom due to their pure mystery and ominous presence in the upcoming feature.

The aforementioned character in question would be Henry Czerny’s mysterious and seemingly unidentifiable character, who fans have pointed out in a recent Reddit thread on the r/scream sub-platform. In the thought-provoking post, one user mentioned the lack of Czerny in the trailer or on the movie’s official poster — which certainly sparks a certain degree of mistrust.

Unsurprisingly, fellow Scream fanatics were quick to flood the comment section — with many of them convinced that Czerny’s caracter is the “mastermind” behind this movie’s version of Ghostface. In that same vein, however, Czerny has simultaneously been outed as Sam’s therapist — which at least provides some information in regards to his involvement.

It’s certainly interesting to note that fans are already completely convinced that Czerny’s character will be one of the Ghostface killers — despite not even being fully introduced to his character yet. Nevertheless, when Scream fans have a suspect in mind, it’s almost guaranteed that their opinions won’t budge in the slightest.

Find out who the killer truly is when Scream VI slashers into theaters on March 10.