A pandemic-themed slasher movie is coming to streaming, so get your masks ready

There are points in time in which everyone can recall where they were, what they were doing, and how they responded. But nothing has ever had this sensation quite like the pandemic. So of course, here comes a pandemic-themed slasher movie to streaming.

Sick will be slashing its way right into the hearts of streaming audiences, with it looking to return everyone to the worst year of their lives: 2020. We’re officially at the point in time where pandemic-era movies and themed period pieces are coming out of major studios.

Coming exclusively to Peacock, the streaming service which nobody seems to use, is this quarantine slasher from Kevin Williamson who has penned nearly every Scream film in the franchise as well as the mostly awful Halloween H20. Sick features a few familiar faces to streaming diehards, with Gideon Adlon of Netflix’s The Society in the lead role.

The first trailer was unveiled with some of Williamson’s trademark tongue-in-cheek dialogue, with him very much taking aim at some of the pandemic-era oddities. It has a very similar vibe to 2022’s Bodies, Bodies, Bodies which saw a group of dumb teenagers being abandoned in a game of intrigue way out in the woods.

The idea of pandemic-era movies is slightly strange to see, especially as COVID cases continue like nobody’s business. Vaccines are more available than they’ve ever been, but the hurt felt by people who lost loved ones and continue to do so makes this film feel odd. You know we’re just months away now from a pandemic-themed version of Romeo and Juliet.

Sick will be available to stream exclusively from Peacock.