A Polarizing Johnny Depp Film Is Dominating Streaming

Although it is October and your month will likely be dominated by horror movies, it seems other people are really enjoying a specific Johnny Depp movie.

The 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which Depp starred in as Willy Wonka, is in the top five movies on HBO Max today. The movie sits at No. 4 internationally, behind Mean Girls, Peppermint, and A Nice Girl Like You. It is ahead of well-known films such as Tenet, The Fast and the Furious, The Notebook, and The Hangover.

An adaption of the Roald Dahl novel of the same name, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is somewhat polarizing among fans of the franchise. It differs significantly from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, the now-famous 1971 film starring Gene Wilder as Wonka.

In the newer film, Depp’s Wonka is much darker and much more diva-like than Wilder’s portrayal. The 2005 movie also much more closely followed the source material, centering around a young child named Charlie who finds a ticket to tour Wonka’s factory. Once there, Charlie, his grandfather, and the other children and their parents experience misfortune in the factory.

Unlike the first movie, which critics and fans alike seemed to love—it holds a 91 percent Tomatometer rating and 87 percent Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes — Depp’s performance and the newer movie as a whole have not been as well-received from fans. Despite its 83 percent Tomatometer rating from more than 200 critics, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has only a 51 percent Audience Score.

You can decide for yourself if you’re a fan of the newer movie and Johnny Depp’s performance. It is available via HBO Max and Hulu.

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  1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

    Everyone’s favorite wifebeater.

    1. LiarHurdsays:

      Vicious comment WG. VA judge Azcarate has said that he did not get a fair trial in the UK. If Heard is innocent, why is she on her 4th attempt to dismiss the case in VA where her evidence will be fully scrutinized unlike the UK. Heard also perjured herself by blatantly lyng about donating millions to charity. She is the real abuser.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “If Heard is innocent, why is she on her 4th attempt to dismiss the case ”

        Are you an actual retard? Why would an innocent person NOT try to get false charges against them thrown out of court? Do you think innocent people like wasting time and money re-litigating the same legal battles in court over and over again?

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        Johnny Depp perjured himself when he falsely claimed that he didn’t beat his wife. We now know he was lying about that.

      3. PumpKingsays:

        Wussly uses words that explain his sickness. He has no idea what is going on, he proves it every time he posts. Nothing was proven in UK except that Herd was their ticket to win, and they took it. Wussy lives inside the Kangaroo pouch of the Kangaroo Court blind to everything but attacks on JD. He is so lost, this is the only thing that keeps him moving forward in his life, which is a flat line.

      4. Ladybirdsays:

        Never believed her nasty vicious person what goes round comes round KARMA

    2. PumpKingsays:

      Wussly, everybody’s most hated poster of HeardSay lies and fabrications!

    3. Suesays:

      Said who, plain Jane is a manipulative nobody. I would like to see you put up with her foul mouth. Cretin

    4. Jjjsays:

      You are wrong. Johnny is NOT a wife beater!!!!!! Amber is the abuser!!!!

    5. Gersays:

      Sick sick remark
      Men need to speak up about female abusers! They are everywhere!

      1. Angie Roisays:


    6. ACPsays:

      Only a**hats use the ‘r-word’ like this…just saying 🤬

      1. vincenoirsays:

        had same thought. he’s displaying some real sensitivity, eh?

      2. PumpKingsays:

        He’s a sick0 that clings on to the hope that someone as popular as JD will lose. IN2, his new company in Europe proves he is a contender, no matter what the Turd throw at him. He is more well-known than JC. Poor Wussy!

  2. PumpKingsays:

    Get over it! Wilder’s Willy Wonka is for kids, Depp’s Willy Wonka is pure magic and eye candy! There is no competition, and the only “polarization” was from Wilder himself, which is baffling because the two films are as different from each other as the night is from day!

    1. Jjjsays:

      I agree

    2. Angie Roisays:


  3. Shelsays:

    Sometimes I just need to vent but I don’t have many outlets. Why not here? This is not about the case, but it can relate in some ways.
    They all gather round at 6 for a walk, in a place they have found for their daily talk.
    They look at the neighbors and the living spaces.
    Then look in the eyes of the random faces.
    I look to the sky in search of the moon.
    All I can see is a view of a commune.
    I sit alone on a bench as they pass;
    They ask if its tea or wine my glass.
    Politely I say its wine I partake, not that I should, but I am not fake.
    My thoughts are consumed by what they must think,
    These strangers to me want to know what I drink.
    Why does a stranger care what I say?
    Why can’t they see I live my life my way?
    Why don’t they know we all come from the same? This is my life, not a place in a game!
    Maybe they don’t know what it’s like to be free,
    Maybe they don’t know what they WANNABE!
    A puppet, a person, a character for sale,
    Or just an illusion of their own fairytale.
    Whatever it is, whatever the label, we all have a choice to set our own table.

    1. Shelsays:

      Oh yeah, the story, I read the book in third grade. I consider the Charlie version the HIGH class version. It’s effectively special. Funny AF!

    2. Monkey Jr.says:

      Well written dearie. You should share more of your poetry. God bless.

      1. Shelsays:

        Thanks, but I’m not a poet, don’t wannabe, don’t have a collection of poems. It would probably be dumb to post them here if I were looking for endorsement.
        Nobody is who they appear to be.
        TBH, that was my Friday night. It was my collection of thoughts about my neighborhood. It’s new, a nice place, and not a commune, but it’s weird, and a little creepy. So I wrote down what I thought about it. I felt better afterwards.

  4. Shelsays:

    You first! Your apology was to yourself, not me. You have a better chance of seeing God before I apologize!

    1. Shelsays:

      I don’t mean this. I am sorry for anything hurtful I said. That was never my intention.

  5. Kay Ksays:

    Amber Heard is a the abuser she’s lied about everything, JD’s team has the evidence. I’ve seen the body cam, AH and her cronies made it up.

  6. Usasays:

    Where is your proof ? If you don’t have any then shut your fucking mouth I want to see arrest reports photos and the interrogation tapes

  7. Gersays:

    Sick comment
    Men need to speak up about female abusers more!!

  8. Cazasays:

    We love you Johnny depp and miss you

  9. Angie Roisays:

    False, this is one of Depp’s most loved films.
    Can you try to actually write journalism, instead of trying to discredit a great actor?

  10. Mr avatarsays:

    I love all Johnnie’s movies and this one was one of my favs.

  11. Reidraidersays:

    I love Jonny dep and his movies he is a great actor most actors have hard home lives he is a hard worker and amazing on screen thats what I care about not his home life still not convicted so keep playing his movies

  12. Shelsays:

    To the one that calls this a game and says I can’t quit, here’s a message from Shel:

    Be careful what you wish for! Love is the one thing everyone wants and money cannot buy! Sometimes love gets lost, but it’s always there. We just have to remember what it is. We each have our own version. To me love is that feeling of home. It’s not a place. It’s a person, or people, in our lives we always want to be around. We trust them, find comfort in them, can be ourselves, without judgement, and unconditionally. It’s not easy, it irreplaceable.
    Manipulating things is easy! If used selfishly, it cause great pain and suffering to others, and love is lost. I WILL NEVER give up on what I believe in! Can you imagine a world without love?

    Keep spreading love Mr. Depp. You’re doing great! My comments may get a little confusing (some I don’t even understand until after I write them. Look deeper if you don’t understand), but I’m still standing with you!

    1. PumpKingsays:

      Right! Nothing like living w/a mate like Herd, then finding out she’s been keeping a dossier all along to make up a story and narrative that doesn’t reflect her own abuse and blames everything on you! Now that the bodycam footage is out it proves her deceit. Her tactic to call everyone but herself a liar is wearing thin.

  13. Ladybirdsays:

    Johnny Depp hasn’t purjered himself explain why he as prove it to me do you even know what it means

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