A Quentin Tarantino classic gains new life thanks to SZA’s new album

Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage

Kill Bill is trending right now on Twitter. However, this version’s creative mastermind is not Quentin Tarantino, but rather the singer/songwriter SZA. Putting an end to her five-year hiatus, SZA has just released her latest album, with one of her songs named “Kill Bill” after the film, so perhaps to director is a little bit creatively behind it.

Just as the movie is a story about a seriously messed up revenge relationship so too is SZA’s song, in which the artist wishes to kill her ex-boyfriend and then maybe even his new girlfriend, as the lyrics in the chorus make clear.

“I might kill my ex, not the best idea
His new girlfriend’s next, how’d I get here?
I might kill my ex, I still love him though
Rather be in jail than alone.”

The relationship having ended has left the artist feeling somewhat unhinged as she is “in the basement, plan a home invasion.” We wouldn’t want to be her ex, that’s for sure. Let’s face it, though, many of us will have had the occasionally dark thought pass through our mind, maybe listening to this song is enough to feel validated so that none of us ever actually act upon any of these. We don’t think “but SZA’s song made me do it” will hold up in court.

Fans are falling in love with “Kill Bill,” causing it to trend on Twitter. This fan compares it to the film saying that both are masterpieces.

Though some say that the song tops the film and that Kill Bill now answers to SZA.

The trending has left some a little confused, though after listening to the song they don’t care because both are great.

The song is causing others to come out of their shell worryingly.

For many, it’s their favorite song on the album and is making them feel evil things.

This fan cannot wait for the music video, and it looks like they are hoping for that to also take inspiration form the Tarantino classic.

Kill Bill isn’t the only film that SZA uses in her album with one of her other singles named “Gone Girl,” yet another film featuring a less than healthy woman out for revenge no matter the cost. We hope that these songs are simply cathartic for the artist, because if not, we may be a little scared.