A Ryan Reynolds rom-com is flying high on Disney Plus

We all know Ryan Reynolds; actor, producer, arch-nemesis of Hugh Jackman, gin magnate, mobile service provider, soccer team co-owner, director of Match Group and award-winning advertising executive to name just a few of his accomplishments, but his road to the top wasn’t easy.

Reynolds had been toiling away for decades before finally clambering to the summit of the Hollywood mountaintop, with the unstoppable success of Deadpool pushing him over the line. Prior to that, the highest-grossing live-action movie of his entire career was the dismal X-Men Origins: Wolverine, ironically his first time playing Wade Wilson.

In fact, before the Merc with a Mouth’s maiden solo outing, Reynolds has only appeared in one other live-action feature that had even managed to cross $300 million at the box office, and it’s making a comeback on Disney Plus twelve years later.

As per FlixPatrol, The Proposal has been steadily rising up the most-watched list for days, and it should be nestled comfortably in the Top 20 by the time we head into the weekend. It’s undemanding, formulaic, and convoluted nonsense, but that can be forgiven when the central pairing of Reynolds and Sandra Bullock bounce off each other so effortlessly, even if we know exactly how the will they/won’t they is going to pan out.