A Steven Seagal classic is being remade for HBO Max by an awesome director

under siege

The name Steven Seagal is hardly synonymous with cinematic excellence, but most fans of either the actor or action cinema in general would agree that Under Siege is far and away his best film, as well as his most successful.

The martial artist stars as former Navy SEAL Casey Ryback, now working as a cook on a submarine. When a group of terrorists posing as a rock band worm their way on board, he’s forced into action to stop them from seizing control of the ship’s nuclear payload.


Directed by Andrew Davis, Under Siege boasts wonderfully hammy turns from Garey Busey and Tommy Lee Jones, and it went on to win strong reviews from critics, earn $156 million at the box office and land two Academy Award nominations. HBO Max have announced a reboot, and while that wouldn’t usually be a cause for celebration, the presence of Timo Tjahjanto at the helm changes that in an instant.

As per Deadline, the filmmaker behind awesome Indonesian actioners Headshot and The Night Comes for Us developed the pitch alongside screenwriter Umair Aleem, who penned recent Netflix hit Kate. The duo are famed for their high concept, kinetic actioners, so we’re fully on board with the idea of Under Siege getting a fresh coat of paint under their watch.