A Suitably Epic Image For Giant Shark Thriller The Meg Surfaces


It’s been described as this year’s guilty pleasure, and possibly the ultimate popcorn movie, so it’s with great excitement that we bring you a suitably epic new action shot from The Meg, Jon Turteltaub’s giant shark thriller that feels like the unholy offspring of Jaws and Deep Blue Sea. On steroids.

Coming to us by way of Empire Magazine, this is a dark and brooding close-up of what is likely one of The Meg‘s big action sequences, in which one deep sea diver (Jason Statham, perhaps?) comes face-to-face with a deep sea monster the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

So whereas your typical great white shark grows to around 15 feet from tip to tail, the prehistoric megalodon reached a whopping 59 feet, meaning The Stath is about to get up close and personal with a true, underwater behemoth. Not that he would have it any other way, mind you…

“I mean, who doesn’t want to watch a movie about the biggest shark that’s ever existed? And I get to be in it? This is as good as it gets,” said star Jason Statham.

The Meg Empire

Angled as a loose adaptation of Steve Alten’s Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, this deep-sea thriller has all the makings of a true guilty pleasure – think Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage, only with one giant, impossibly large shark instead of three mutated creatures. Though we imagine Jon Turteltaub’s giant shark pic lacks the necessary star power and budget to emulate the box office success of the aforementioned Rampage ($398M).

Nevertheless, The Meg swims into the shallows (and theaters!) on August 10th. And at least in the eyes of Jason Statham, Warner’s maritime thriller may well have franchise potential. 2 Meg 2 Furious, anyone?

Source: Empire

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