A supernatural police thriller that was pulled from theaters hits big on Netflix


Adding a supernatural element into something as standard as a police procedural can often backfire, with David Ayer’s Netflix blockbuster Bright a notable example. Sure, it was fun to see a centaur directing traffic and watch on orc earn his stripes on the force, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly.

The case of Body Cam is an even more unusual one, in that the genre thriller tried to incorporate timely social themes into the story, but at the end of the day we’re still talking about a low budget effort with vengeful spirits, demons and things that go bump along the thin blue line.

body cam

Mary J. Blige headlines the ensemble as veteran officer Renee Lomito, who becomes convinced that something spooky is targeting her fellow cops after seemingly glimpsing a spectral figure on body cam footage from a killing. Naturally, her investigation stumbles upon a conspiracy and some deep, dark secrets, with plenty of obstacles being thrown into her path.

Body Cam was supposed to hit theaters in May 2019, but it was abruptly pulled before being shuffled onto VOD thirteen months later. As a result, not a lot of people are even aware it exists, but that’s evidently changing. As per FlixPatrol, it’s one of the Top 20 most-watched titles on Netflix at the moment, having arrived on the charts in style.