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A take so hot it’ll burn your Thanksgiving turkey claims an all-time classic with an iconic hero is a dull disappointment

There's spicy, and then there's whatever the hell this is.

terminator 2
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As the old saying goes, opinions are very much like assholes, in that not only does everyone have them – but sometimes they stink. Today’s questionably controversy stems from a take so hot that it’ll char your Thanksgiving turkey into blackened nothingness, with all-time classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day being called a disappointment.

Yes, that’s the same Terminator 2 that broke barriers as Hollywood’s first $100 million production, helped usher in the CGI revolution through the game-changing digital creation of Robert Patrick’s T-1000, became one of the highest-grossing movies ever made at the time of its initial release, and ranks as one of the greatest sequels, action movies, sci-fi stories, and blockbusters in history all at once.

terminator 2
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What makes the Reddit post in question even more egregious is that it blasts Linda Hamilton’s performance as Sarah Connor, offering that the “lack of a compelling hero in T2 is its biggest weakness.” This is the same character who became a cinematic icon thanks entirely to her turn in Judgement Day, and is still widely celebrated as one of the finest ass-kickers ever committed to screen.

Look, we’re fully aware that there’s going to be a section of the population who aren’t enamored by Terminator 2, and that’s fine. However, calling it a boring disappointment is enough to make the fandom’s blood boil, and it’s not a shock to report that the majority of comments and replies are in firm disagreement. As they should be.

Rise of the Machines, Salvation, Genisys, and Dark Fate deserve to be pummeled, but T2 is a classic for a reason.

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