A Terrible Mark Ruffalo Movie Just Hit Netflix

Mark Ruffalo

Both onscreen and in real life, Mark Ruffalo positively radiates what you could call wholesome dad energy. The actor has really come into his own across the last fifteen years, with his natural world-weariness and relatable demeanor bringing him bigger and better roles than he’d ever enjoyed previously during a career that kicked off way back in 1989.

It’s no coincidence that his three Academy Award and four Golden Globe nominations have all come in the last decade, with Ruffalo consistently putting out his best work since finding a niche as Hollywood’s favorite crumpled everyman. That’s not to say his filmography is spotless, though, with one of his dismal earlier efforts having landed on Netflix today.

Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It was directed by This is Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally‘s Rob Reiner, with Ruffalo lending support to esteemed co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirly MacLaine and Kathy Bates, so the movie was hardly short of talent.

Unfortunately, the execution was painfully lacking. Aniston makes a cross-country trip back to California for her sister’s wedding, where she discovers that not only was her family’s history the inspiration for The Graduate, but Costner’s Silicone Valley millionaire might be her real father. Rumor Has It just about managed to turn a profit at the box office, but it was largely panned by critics and dismissed by audiences, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be able to catch the eye of Netflix subscribers.