A Terrible Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Coming To Netflix In September

Ryan Reynolds

Some movies become world famous thanks to their critical and commercial acclaim, others enter pop culture due to how truly awful they are. Ryan Reynolds has been lucky to star in a few of the former – Deadpool, most obviously – but he’s also appeared in a few stinkers, too. And his most notorious movie has to be 2011’s Green Lantern, in which he starred as the titular Emerald Knight, Hal Jordan. His future wife, Blake Lively, co-starred as love interest Carol Ferris.

Thanks to Reynolds constantly making jokes out of the film’s failure over the past decade, Green Lantern has actually endured much more than other terrible superhero flicks – like, say, Fantastic 4 and Jonah Hex – and now enjoys a kind of cult classic status. Even Reynolds doesn’t think it’s that bad anymore!

Well, if you want to relieve the, er, magic, you’re in luck as the movie is returning to Netflix in the US from September 1st, as revealed by What’s On Netflix on Twitter.

Reynolds is joined in Green Lantern by Taika Waititi, who – just like the Canadian star – has gone on to find success in the comic book movie genre thanks to his Thor films and role as Korg in the MCU. In fact, Netflix’s timing couldn’t be better as Waititi’s just about to return to the DC universe in The Suicide Squad and Reynolds and Waititi have collaborated for the first time since GL in the incoming Free Guy.

The high-concept action comedy stars Ryan Reynolds as an NPC in a video game whose whole world is turned upside down when he discovers the truth. Waititi, meanwhile, plays the douchey publisher who’s trying to shut the game down. Thankfully, early reactions make clear that it’s a whole lot better than Green Lantern. Check out Free Guy in theaters from August 13th.