A terrifying new clown horror film has audiences fainting and vomiting in cinemas

Terrifier 2 causes vomits and fainting
Image: Dark Age Cinema

One of horror’s biggest new franchises is continuing to cause a stir, as audiences have been found vomiting and fainting during its screenings.

Terrifier 2 took six years to make and judging by the visceral reaction on display it has been well worth the wait. Reports have come in of audiences being fully immersed in the cinemagoing experience, and several have come out of the film fainting or vomiting. If such a response isn’t the dream for any filmmaker, what is?

The film follows the sadistic and murderous clown Art, who swaggers about like Alex from A Clockwork Orange murdering and torturing the innocent with no remorse. The original became an underground hit, despite its critical reception leaving much to be desired.

Producer Steve Barton responded to some of the extreme reactions in an apologetic tone, hoping everyone is all right after such a horrific way to leave a cinema. Similar events transpired during the first screenings of the arthouse flick Titane, which depicted bizarre NSFW scenes such as car sex.

Some Terrifier 2 screenings are even giving branded sick bags with Art prominently displayed on them. As far as guerrilla marketing and word of mouth go, this is one of the most excellent examples in recent cinema. The first film featured a very confronting torture sequence that bordered on excessive, and its follow-up is eager to one-up its predecessor on the thrill factor.

It’s proven to be a dream come true for those who had been highly anticipating the blood-soaked gorefest, with it one of the most hyped horror films coming out during horror’s month of months.

Terrifier 2 is currently in cinemas, with the $250,000 budget being made back comfortably during its first week as it grossed $2.4 million.