A Whole Horror Franchise Is Leaving HBO Max On Halloween

Spooky season officially ends with Halloween this Sunday, as does the tenure of a popular horror franchise on HBO Max. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on October 31 and we welcome in November, all five movies in the Final Destination series will disappear from the Warner Bros. streaming service. So if you want to binge every entry in the film franchise then you’ve only got tomorrow to do it before they’ve gone.

The first Final Destination released in 2000, offering a unique slant on the genre thanks to its Rube Goldberg-like death traps and fatalistic themes. Unlike other franchises, the killer in FD isn’t a guy in a mask but the threat of Death itself, with each movie’s cast of characters getting picked off in accidents contrived by the Grim Reaper, after they’ve narrowly avoid their demises at the beginning of the film.

While the first two are connected, thanks to Ali Larter starring in both as final girl Clear Rivers, the franchise is mostly standalone, featuring a range of stars including Devon Sawa, A.J. Cook, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Bobby Campo and Nicolas D’Agosto. Candyman icon Tony Todd appears three times (plus one vocal cameo), however, as the mysterious William Bloodworth. Following other sequels in 2003, 2006 and 2009, Final Destination 5 proved to be the last entry in the saga to date when it came out a decade ago in 2011.

This was more by accident than design, though, and a relaunch is in the works. In fact, series creator Jeffrey Reddick confirmed that FD6 should’ve been made last year but was halted due to the pandemic. This October, we learned the film found itself a screenwriter in Lois Evans Taylor. So watch out for further developments on that front.

For now, go check out Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3, The Final Destination and Final Destination 5 on HBO Max now before they go.