Final Destination Creator Confirms A New Movie Is Still In The Works


The Final Destination franchise has been on hiatus for close to a decade now, which is a long time for any horror brand with a built-in fanbase and huge earning potential to remain dormant. After all, the five installments to date have raked in over $665 million at the box office on combined production costs of $154 million, making it a very profitable enterprise for Warner Bros.

It seems even stranger that a new movie hasn’t made its way to the big screen yet after Final Destination 5 scored better reviews than any of the other entries in the series, and ranks as the second biggest earner behind only the fourth outing. There are plenty of worse horror properties that have churned out sequels on an almost annual basis, but fans are still waiting to see what Death has in store for the next unlucky cast of characters to escape his initial design.

Of course, a sixth Final Destination has been stuck in development hell for a while now, with the pic first being announced in January of 2019. Last we heard, creator Jeffrey Reddick cleared things up and revealed that the new movie isn’t a full-blown reboot but a continuation set in the same world, although COVID-19 has slowed the project down to a crawl.

In a recent social media exchange with a fan, though, Reddick once again confirmed that Final Destination is coming back one way or another, but the creative team are waiting for the worst of the pandemic to be over before development kicks up another gear or two.

Plenty of major productions have resumed operations with various COVID-19 health and safety measures in place, and Saw veterans Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are still set to tackle the script, meaning the reimagining of Final Destination could realistically be in front of cameras in a matter of months depending on how quickly things start coming together. Fingers crossed.