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A wildly successful but widely-hated franchise makes an opinion-splitting comeback on Netflix

Trash or treasure? A consensus still hasn't been reached.

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Of all the fantastical YA literary adaptations to swamp the marketplace in the aftermath of Harry Potter‘s global success, none proved to be anywhere near as successful or generate quite the same levels of fervor as The Twilight Saga.

Those who bore witness to the cultural phenomenon will recall all too well that the entire population of planet Earth was split into three distinct camps: Team Jacob, Team Edward, and Team Could Not Give a Single F*ck. There was no middle ground, you were either a Twihard or you weren’t, and a cumulative box office haul north of $3.3 billion would indicate that the latter camp may have been the majority.

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It’s been 14 whole years since the first installment was released to much fanfare and generational obsession, but the sparkly vampire saga continues to ride the crest of wave on streaming, because we’ve now reached the point where the initial target audience are now introducing their children to the ongoing adventures of Edward and Bella, which is terrifying to think about.

As per FlixPatrol, Twilight hasn’t just soared to become one of the most-watched titles on Netflix’s global charts, but it’s also been joined on the worldwide rankings by sequels New Moon and Eclipse, although there doesn’t seem to be any love for either half of Breaking Dawn as of yet.

That’s sure to change in the very near future, though, because much like its undead protagonists and antagonists – the enduring popularity of The Twilight Saga simply cannot be killed by conventional means.

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