A24 teases poster for Alex Garland’s ‘Men;’ hints at upcoming trailer

Image via A24

Fans of cerebral movies, get ready for your cortex to be titillated, because indie film studio and distributor A24 is teasing their next big project with writer-director Alex Garland, simply called Men.

The project stars Jessie Buckley, who was just nominated for an Academy Award for Best Support Actress for The Lost Daughter.

The official A24 Twitter account shared the first poster for Men, which features a silhouetted figure at the end of a tunnel against a forested background. However, when you take the image in as a whole, in its totality, it somewhat resembles a skull. The poster also contains the ominous tagline “what haunts you will find you.”

Garland has created a career of crafting heady sci-fi stories on print and on screen, with films like Ex-Machina and Annihilation both being written and directed by him. He also wrote the acclaimed novel The Beach, as well as penned the scripts for the Danny Boyle films 28 Days Later and Sunshine. He also wrote and directed the 2020 FX on Hulu miniseries Devs.

Not much information is known about the film so far, but that may soon change once the promised teaser trailer releases Wednesday. What we do know is that the film will be a horror drama, certainly a familiar wheelhouse for Garland.

In addition to Buckley, the film will also star Rory Kinnear. According to Vanity Fair, the plot of the film centers around a young woman who goes on a solo vacation in the English countryside following the death of her ex-husband.

A release date for Men has not yet been officially set.