Abandoned Toy Story 3 Storyboards Reveal A Very Different Journey For Woody And The Gang

Toy Story 3


Given the monumental success that the two have enjoyed over the past few years through the likes of The Incredibles, Up and Wall-E, it’s almost easy to forget that in 2005 Disney and Pixar considered splitting up. Thankfully, the divorce didn’t happen, but that didn’t stop Disney Animation from concocting its own nascent version of what Toy Story 3 could be, and today those storyboards have found their way online and they showcase a very different journey for Woody and the gang.

While Pixar and John Lasseter focused on the relationship between Andy and his toys in the eventual threequel, this abandoned vision would have seen the crew travel to Taiwan in order to rescue a malfunctioning Buzz Lightyear, who is recalled to the factory where he was created. Interestingly, it looks as though strands of that plot filtered into Pixar’s 2010 sequel, what with Buzz switching into Spanish mode for a portion of the film — though this could merely be a coincidence.

Ultimately, given how Toy Story 3 was met with adulation from fans and critics alike, Pixar’s decision to spearhead its own vision was probably for the best. Still, these storyboards hint at the possible kind of globe-trotting adventures that the company could pursue. And given that Toy Story 4 is now looming on the horizon — wtih John Lasseter on board to direct, no less — it’ll be interesting to see whether the fourth installment explores a similarly foreign adventure.

Pixar won’t be releasing Toy Story 4 anytime soon, as the next outing for Woody and the gang has been pegged for June 2017. But for those of you intrigued to see what Toy Story 3 could have been, then be sure to check out the gallery below.