According To Stephen Lang, It’s Unlikely He’ll Play Cable In Deadpool 2


The sequel to this year’s biggest super(anti)hero movie is currently in the scripting stages. Deadpool 2 was greenlit faster than you can say “chimichangas!” with original scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick bashing out drafts, ready for returning director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds. All of the elements which made the first flick so. much. fun are in place, leaving the matter of newcomers up in the air.

We know that Deadpool’s long-term comic book frenemy Cable will appear, as the mouthy mercenary himself confirmed it in the post-credits scene, but who’s going to play him? Well, it looks as if we can rule out Stephen Lang from the list of hopefuls.


The Avatar actor was one of the first stars to nominate themselves for the role of Deadpool’s grizzled buddy, and to be honest, he’s a pretty good fit. However, Lang seems to think that there’s too many reasons working against him:

“I think it’s highly unlikely that they would ever give me the part, for a number of reasons, one of which being that it’s the same studio as Avatar. It’s conceivable it would be a scheduling conflict, but you know, what I’ve said is that if they did give me the part, they’d be very satisfied – because I’ll play the hell out of the part. But if they don’t give me the part, then I can be magnanimous in defeat, compliment the actor who does get the part, and console myself with four sequels to Avatar.”

Death can’t stop Lang, apparently, as it seems his character who perished in the first Avatar will live on. For quite a while, in fact. If he’s inked in for four movies, contractually that’s going to be a tough thing to break out of and Lang is probably content with several years of steady income ahead of him. Mind you, playing someone like Cable would boost his cred even moreso.

For now we’ll have to be content with the knowledge that Deadpool 2 starts shooting in early 2017, ahead of a potential February 2018 release.

Source: CinemaBlend