Avatar Alum Stephen Lang Emerges As Early Frontrunner For Cable Role In Deadpool 2



Buoyed by the barnstorming success of Deadpool, which has now eased past $130 million to become the biggest February opening in history, casting rumors for the confirmed sequel are beginning to emerge thick and fast.

Thanks to the movie’s brilliant post-credits sequence, we now know that Cable will feature in the superhero follow-up. And while Ryan Reynold’s costumed anti-hero flippantly mentions Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and, er, Keira Knightley in conversation, it is Avatar villain Stephen Lang that has emerged as an early frontrunner for the part.


Less of an official confirmation and more a result of Lang’s own campaigning, the actor’s Twitter feed has proved a hive of activity in recent days, all in an effort to help Lang secure the coveted role of Nathan Summers.

Fox’s Deadpool sequel is still in the very early stages of pre-production, so don’t expect an announcement confirming the casting of Cable – be it Gibson, Knightley or Lang – until the Merc With a Mouth’s second adventure leaps from the drawing board in earnest.

Now that 20th Century Fox has issued the green light, Deadpool 2 is a go. But do you believe Stephen Lang is a good candidate for the role?

Let us know, and be sure to check out our own selections for who could portray Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds.

Source: Twitter

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