The Last Action Hero Remake In Early Development


The title of The Last Action Hero was pretty misleading, as twenty-six years after the fantasy action-comedy hit theaters, the cult classic is now getting the remake treatment. According to a document that We Got This Covered was given by a source, there are currently tons of old flicks that are about to be remade and fans of the aforementioned Arnold Schwarzenegger movie will be pleased to learn that it’s on the list.

For those unfamiliar with the property, The Last Action Hero is a satire of the action genre and all of the many clichés associated with it. The movie is packed with parodies and stars Schwarzenegger in the role of Jack Slater, a fictional Los Angeles detective within his eponymous film franchise.

Austin O’Brien co-stars as Danny Madigan, a boy who gets magically transported into Slater’s cinematic universe and Charles Dance, meanwhile, plays a brutal assassin named Benedict who seeks to wreak the same havoc in the real world that he’s always caused onscreen. Of course, Schwarzenegger also served as the film’s executive producer and plays himself as the actor portraying Jack Slater.

The feature turned out to be both a critical and commercial disappointment during its initial theatrical release but in the years since, it’s blossomed into somehing of a cult classic and executives are now planning to bank on the goodwill the film’s garnered over the past couple of decades with a reboot.

Of course, the project is only in the earliest stages of development, which means details are still pretty fuzzy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something to look forward to. We’re just hopeful that the titular character will be played by one of this generation’s biggest action stars, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Vin Diesel.

Tell us, though, who would be your pick to lead the remake of The Last Action Hero? Sound off down below with your thoughts!