More Actors Tested For Fantastic Four This Week


THR is reporting that several actors tested for Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot this week. Yesterday, Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum tested for the role of Sue Storm, and Miles Teller tested for Mr. Fantastic. Furthermore, Christian Cooke also went in for some testing, as the studio is apparently eying him to play Ben Grimm/The Thing (a role that Josh Gad was initially rumored for).

Most of these names had already been mentioned in previous reports, but what’s interesting here is that Saoirse Ronan, Kit Harington and Elizabeth Olsen have now all dropped off the list of potential candidates, as none of them went in for further testing this week.

Finally, THR is also telling us that Dr. Doom will be the villain and that the character’s gender is currently in flux. Not only does the studio want an A-list talent for the part, but they might even cast an actress in the traditionally male role.

It’s important to note that, other than Michael B. Jordan, who will play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, no other casting has been confirmed. Right now, everyone is just testing. The studio isn’t done with their casting search either, and more actors and actresses will be brought in to test in the coming weeks.

Tell us, if the names currently floating around the project become solidified, would you be happy with Fox’s picks? Who do you want to see star in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot? Let us know in the comments section below.