Adam McKay’s Ensemble Come Together In New Trailers For Oscar-Tipped Drama The Big Short

the big short

Boasting a star-studded ensemble, an awards-friendly adaptation as a pitch, and a timely dissection of the banking crisis of 2008 in the vein of J.C. Chandor’s Margin Call, it’s little wonder why Adam McKay’s The Big Short has emerged as something of a dark horse going into this year’s awards circuit.

Taking from Michael Lewis’ (Moneyball, The Blind Side) book about the mortgage crisis, McKay’s financial drama brings together Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt as four of the smartest analysts in the business. Betting big on the inevitable fall of the housing market, their bold investment sees all morals stoop to a whole new low, dragging them into the dark underbelly of modern banking. Jeremy Strong, Rafe Spall, John Magaro, Finn Wittrock, Hamish Linklater round out the ensemble.

Building a career on comedy films such as Anchorman, Talladega Nights and the irreverent Step Brothers, The Big Short certainly represents a departure or McKay as a director, and we’re excited to see how it pans out come release.

Opening during the thick of awards season, Adam McKay’s The Big Short will open in theaters on December 23. Until then, familiarize yourself with the star-studded ensemble via the all-new clips below.

When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything. Based on the true story and best-selling book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side, Moneyball), and directed by Adam Mckay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) The Big Short stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.