Adam Sandler And Chris Rock Prepare For Netflix Nuptials In The Week Of

It’s a curious thing, this multi-project, recently extended Adam Sandler-Netflix deal. The fact that the comedian has made a choice to move his schtick from theatres to a streaming platform might suggest an awareness of its dwindling appeal as traditional releases. Signing up to create Netflix Originals means Sandler can continue to turn a profit by churning out what is essentially the same content, over and over again. For its part, Netflix gets to work with one of the most recognizable names in film, and can use this content as part of its very clear push to cater for as wide a range of viewers as possible. So, the streaming channel is now announcing the latest movie to form part of this deal – and it’s called The Week Of.

The film be directed by Robert Smigel (Saturday Night Live), from a script he co-wrote with Adam Sandler. Chris Rock joins Sandler in toplining this tale of paternal hijinks – which sees the wedding of a young couple fast approaching, as their respective parents make the final preparations. Of course, it is Sandler’s daughter that’s marrying Rock’s son in this story – thus enabling Sandler to maintain his trademark awkward, affable-but-stressed-out-by-the-women-in-his-life on-screen persona.

While many may greet this news with little more than a passing interest, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has been busy expressing his excitement for the upcoming collaboration.

“Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are cornerstones of the Netflix comedy family and we are over the moon about these two legends reuniting to give our members worldwide a healthy dose of the hilarity that they have been creating together for years. Similar in the romantic comedy tone of Sandler’s most recent film Sandy Wexler, this film will be the perfect vehicle for Sandler and Rock and their millions of fans around the world.”

It seems like a logical conclusion to draw, that if Netflix has gone as far as to extend its deal with Adam Sandler, then the work he’s producing for the streaming platform must be finding an audience. It’s the involvement of Chris Rock in The Week Of that is the draw here, though. Hopefully his input will elevate this film above recently released Sandler titles, such as Sandy Wexler, The Ridiculous Six, and The Do-Over.

Source: Collider