Adam Sandler Reportedly Developing A Waterboy Sequel

the waterboy

Adam Sandler’s lucrative deal with Netflix gives him the complete creative freedom to do whatever he wants, so the idea of him returning to the well and crafting sequels to some of the most popular titles in his back catalogue doesn’t appear very high on the agenda. The 53 year-old tends to rope in a recurring crew of directors, writers and actors anyway, and based on his recent output, originality has hardly been a stumbling block towards success.

There’s also the fact that Grown Ups is the only live-action Sandler vehicle to ever get a sequel, with the Happy Madison head honcho more than happy to travel to some glamorous European locations in Murder Mystery or head to China for his latest effort Hustle instead of revisiting one of his earlier titles where he didn’t have the name value, reputation or budget to be handed a blank check by the world’s biggest streaming service.

the waterboy

However, insider Daniel Ricthman now claims that Sandler is reportedly developing a sequel to The Waterboy, which remains one of his most popular efforts over 20 years after it first hit theaters in 1998. The sports comedy was a massive hit, raking in $190 million at the box office, and it’s being speculated that the second outing will see him train a new waterboy to follow in Bobby Boucher’s footsteps.

Richtman recently reported that a sequel to Billy Madison was also in the works, and while Kevin James admitted that he’d love to see a follow-up to The Waterboy, Sandler’s recent efforts have mostly been based on entirely original content. It appears that the actor has had a change of heart, though, and we can now expect him to begin revisiting some of his classics in the near future.