Adam Sandler Reportedly Eyed To Play A Different Penguin In The DCEU

The Penguin

Underneath all of the cringe comedies, Netflix originals that allow him to hang out with his buddies in some of the most glamorous locations around the world and an established persona as an immature man-child that seems ill-suited to a 53 year-old with an estimated net worth of over $400 million, there’s a fantastic actor lurking somewhere in Adam Sandler that he seems reluctant to let out.

Very rarely does he venture outside of his wheelhouse, but when he does, the results are often great, as evidenced by his recent turn in acclaimed indie Uncut Gems that even had him touted as a potential nominee at the Academy Awards. Quite why he seems so unwilling to take any risks or tackle more dramatic material on a regular basis is anybody’s guess, but we’ve now heard that he could soon be fielding an offer from one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Viola Davis was returning for The Suicide Squad, a Justice League Dark show is coming to HBO Max and a new Exorcist film is in the works, all of which were correct  – Warner Bros. were said to be so impressed with his work in Uncut Gems that they’re now considering him for a role in the DCEU.

While the specifics aren’t clear just yet, one idea being floated is to have him play an alternate version of the Penguin in the multiverse (different from the one Colin Farrell is playing in The Batman), which we already know will give multiple actors the opportunity to put their own unique spins on the same character. And as unlikely as it may sound, recent developments have shown that nothing can be ruled out when it comes to the future of the DCEU.

In fact, having Adam Sandler as one of Batman’s most iconic villains sounds so unexpected and out-of-the-box that it might actually work. Especially if he were to take it seriously enough and avoid basing his take on the version found in the Adam West TV show.