Adam Sandler’s Newest Movie Is Now On Netflix And Viewers Are Loving It

Adam Sandler

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that Adam Sandler is one of the most divisive personalities in modern-day Hollywood. His films often pull in big numbers at the box office and find themselves with millions of viewers if they’re Netflix exclusives, but his lowbrow comedic efforts are almost always savaged by critics.

That being said, he’s more than capable of venturing outside of his comfort zone to deliver strong dramatic performances, just like he did in the recent Uncut Gems, with many even predicting during awards season that he could end up with a Best Actor Oscar nod. Of course, that didn’t happen, but Sandler did some absolutely terrific work in the movie and now that it’s landed on Netflix, it seems subscribers just can’t get enough of it.

Whether they’re discovering it for the first time or catching it again after seeing it in theaters last year, tons of viewers have taken to Twitter to express their excitement and love for Uncut Gems and in particular, Sandler’s performance. And below, you can see just a sample of what they’re saying:

Uncut Gems

Indeed, as you can see, everyone’s buzzing over Uncut Gems and if you haven’t yet watched it, you’d be wise to catch it on Netflix now that it’s available. It’s a far, far cry from Sandler’s typical fare, to be sure, but as we mentioned above, it more than proves that he can handle serious, weighty dramatic material and turn in fantastic performances when he wants to.

Tell us, though, did you already catch Adam Sandler‘s latest effort when it hit theaters last year? And if so, were you as impressed with it as the critics were? Sound off below and give us your thoughts.