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Netflix Subscribers Have Watched Over 2 Billion Hours Of Adam Sandler Movies

Netflix subscribers have consumed over 2 billion hours of Adam Sandler content since 2015, but we have some questions over how this has to come to be.

Adam Sandler

Proving that taste is somewhat relative, Netflix subscribers have reportedly consumed over 2 billion hours of Adam Sandler material since the 2015 release of his movie The Ridiculous 6 on the streaming platform. Sandler, who has a deal with Netflix for original content, has produced the likes of The Do-OverSandy WexlerThe Week Of, Murder Mystery, and 100% Fresh since 2014, and has four new movies in development. What, then, can account for the un-satiable interest in Sandler’s output among Netflix subscribers?

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Although the Happy Madison pics for Netflix have been routinely slammed by critics, they’ve been delivering significant audiences to the streaming site, and also featured in the most popular overall content on the platform last year with Murder Mystery. In terms of Sandler’s popularity, we were surprised (and even a little dismayed) by Netflix extending his deal in 2017, but the millions of people turning up for his comedies may actually be onto something.

Indeed, Netflix’s productive relationship with Sandler seems odd considering the performer was on the top of a list of Hollywood’s most-overpaid actors as recently as 2013. However, perhaps Netflix is the ideal home for Sandler, whose ability to produce middle-of-the-road, celebrity-packed comedies gives him a wide appeal for the service’s subscribers. After all, according to Netflix, 83 million households watched at least some of Murder Mystery in its first four weeks of release, helping it to overcome more critical-friendly content such as Stranger Things and The Crown.

Adam Sandler

Of course, it’s easy to turn our noses up at Sandler’s popularity, which is admittedly a bit harsh considering he is a genuinely talented actor, evidenced mostly recently by his turn in Uncut Gems. What may frustrate some critics, then, is that Sandler has it in him to stretch his range as an actor, but seems to have found a comfortable niche generating low-budget, solidly middle-ground comedies for a mass audience.

Tell us, though, what do you think of Adam Sandler‘s popularity on Netflix? Are critics too hard on what’s been a lucrative partnership for Netflix and Happy Madison Productions? As usual, share your thoughts in the comments section below.