Ahsoka Tano Rumored To Be Getting Her Own Solo Movie

Ahsoka Tano The Mandalorian

The rapidly expanding roster of Star Wars shows in development for Disney Plus has made it clear that there are no issues with characters from the movies making the jump to the small screen, so there’s realistically no reason why it couldn’t work the other way around.

The Mandalorian brought back Boba Fett, who’s now set to headline his own spinoff, while multiple streaming exclusives take place in and around the events of Episodes I through IX. Prequel to a prequel Andor has been shooting since November, Obi-Wan Kenobi is due to kick off production in March, and both Donald Glover and Billy Dee Williams are expected to be involved in Lando, so it wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest if some Disney Plus debutants wound up headlining feature films.

At this stage, a Mando and Baby Yoda movie would be guaranteed to do big business at the box office, while a new report is claiming that Rosario Dawson’s Ashoka Tano will eventually get her own solo cinematic adventure, with the aforementioned duo rumored to play major roles in it. Of course, before Snips was confirmed for The Mandalorian, there were rumors she’d be part of a future Star Wars film, and fans would no doubt love to spend a lot more time with the hugely popular character.

Lucasfilm have clearly been studying the Marvel Cinematic Universe formula, and with Disney’s comic book franchise set to tie the movies and TV shows as close together as possible, there’s an air of inevitability about Star Wars doing the same thing. Of course, it can’t be denied that Ashoka Tano stands out as one of the most qualified candidates to take center stage in a feature film, considering her ties to some of the saga’s biggest names from Anakin Skywalker to Din Djarin, and we can only hope that this rumor pans out.