The Internet Reacts To Aladdin’s New Non-Blue Genie


Disney and Guy Ritchie’s live-action spin on Aladdin, the classic love story with a hint of magic, officially showcased its wares yesterday evening… and the Internet was split over Will Smith’s rendition of the world-famous Genie.

Previously portrayed by the late, great Robin Williams, it’s fair to say that Smith already had some mighty big boots to fill, though given the fact that EW’s new cover star appeared to be a regular human (read: no blue skin), Disney fans were concerned. To his credit, Will Smith has since gone on record to say that the genie will manifest as a blue, god-like deity throughout the movie, as it’s mostly created through the power of CGI.

Nevertheless, given the Internet tends to ignore all shades of grey and nuance, a number of fans have already posted their own verdict of Will Smith’s decidedly human genie. And some of the reactions are downright hilarious.

From faux outrage to not-so-subtle references to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, this is but a small cross-section of the Internet’s knee-jerk reaction to Aladdin, and we imagine there will be plenty more to come as Disney and Guy Ritchie gear up for the movie’s May 2019 release date.

It’s one of two live-action fairytales coming down the pike, as the Mouse House also has The Lion King waiting in the wings. Helmed by former MCU director Jon Favreau, that particular movie is packed to the rafters with top-tier talent (Donald Glover! James Earl Jones! Beyoncé!), so we’re fascinated to see how things pan out for Favreau and Co. come 2019.

Aladdin, on the other hand, will be with us on May 24th, 2019, so there’s still ample time for Disney to reveal Will Smith’s Genie in his true colors…