The Lion King Is Now Disney’s Most Viewed Trailer Debut Ever


You can’t have missed all the hubbub surrounding the first trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King over the past couple of days. When the teaser arrived on Thursday, Disney fans of all generations were blown away by how much it recaptured the feel of the beloved 1994 animated movie. It seems the hype was so huge, in fact, that the film managed to break some records.

The official Lion King Facebook page told its fans today that the trailer had accrued an incredible 224.6 million views in its first day online, meaning it currently sits as the highest-viewed trailer debut for a Disney movie.

“To our entire pride,” the account wrote. “Thank you for helping the teaser trailer for The Lion King become the most-viewed Disney trailer debut ever as it reached a record-breaking 224.6 million global views in 24 hours!”

The only other trailer that beats out The Lion King is, unsurprisingly, the first preview for Avengers: Infinity War which arrived last November. We’d be shocked if that wasn’t trumped, though, when our first look at its sequel, Avengers 4lands on the web any day now.

Of course, between Marvel Studios’ films and their own releases, the Mouse House looks set to have a pretty huge year in 2019. Kevin Feige and co., for instance, have Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home along with the aforementioned Avengers 4. Then there’s Pixar, who have Toy Story 4, and Disney’s two other remakes – Dumbo and Aladdinare also on the way. And let’s not forget the little matter of Star Wars: Episode IXAll thing considered, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Disney’s going to dominate the top ten highest-grossing movies of the year in 2019.

As for The Lion King, though, it roars into cinemas on July 19th and we simply cannot wait to see more from it.