Alec Balwin Reposts Statment From Rust Crew Member Refuting Unsafe Set Claims

Earlier today an actor on the set of indie western Rust Alec Baldwin shared a statement from Terese Magpale Davis who also worked on the film set where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was tragically killed on Oct. 21.

Davis claims that the accusations of chaos and overworked staff on the film were completely false and in the lengthy statement, she details her perspective of what had taken place on the set leading up to the fatal shooting, which Baldwin shared in multiple posts with the caption “Read this”.

The statement claims that staff had had ample rest before the day of Hutchins death and refuted the narrative around the walkout of camera operators on the set before the incident took place which they claimed was due to “working conditions.”

“They tried to renegotiate their contracts halfway through the show and hold the producers over a barrel by walking out. They literally said they deserved more money and NICER hotels than the rest of the crew because they were BETTER than the rest of the crew. These guys are not heroes. They only cared about themselves.”

The shooting took place on Oct. 21 when Alec Baldwin discharged a weapon within a scene rehearsal after being told the firearm was “cold” or safe to use, court filings from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department detail.

Legal representation of Rust’s armorer claim that the production was unsafe citing the lack of safety meetings as one of the main issues. According to Davis’ statement, multiple safety meetings took place on the set, and some days there was more than one.