Alicia Silverstone To Lead Romantic Comedy Who Gets The Dog?


At first glance, Variety‘s exclusive scoop announcing Alicia Silverstone’s next film seemed to me to be signalling the actress’s return to the big screen. A quick scour over her IMDB page and it turns out I was mistaken; she’s not been away, but has instead been channeling her inner comedian into dodgy TV movies and straight-to-vid fodder. Could today’s news out of the American Film Market turn all of that around? With a title like Who Gets The Dog? it’s not looking good.

For the Epic Pictures and 2DS co-venture, Silverstone will presumably take the lead role for a story which “follows a divorcing couple who are fighting over custody of their beloved dog.” What strikes me as odd is the choice of director the producers have deemed a perfect fit for this type of lightweight frivolity. Steven C. Miller, whose resume suggests he really should be helming a vignette for the next V/H/S or The ABC’s Of Death anthology, has landed the gig. With titles like Silent Night, Automaton Transfusion, The Aggression Scale and Scream Of The Banshee, he definitely isn’t your typical romcom filmmaker. However, this could work in the film’s favour, as its brief logline does little to inspire confidence.

With Epic Pictures having a heavy genre influence to their typical movie output, it seems like they’re now directing their efforts towards more family-friendly fare.

“We are delighted to announce the production of this hilarious romantic comedy,” Epic Pictures CEO Patrick Ewald said in reference to the news. “The script is fantastic; the Chicago locations are amazing; and we are thrilled to have Alicia Silverstone attached to the film. She is the perfect fit for this unique and hilarious story.”

Am I the only one who is actually rather intrigued by Who Gets The Dog? As usual folks, throw in your two cents below!