Alicia Silverstone Loves Fan For Defending Her For Being Body-Shamed As Batgirl In Batman & Robin

When it comes to fans being able to connect to the celebrities they admire, perhaps no tool in the history of the world is more effective than social media.

Such is the case when TikTok user @foreversymone took to the video platform to voice her complaints about the poor treatment Batgirl herself faced when Batman and Robin star Alicia Silverstone was body-shamed in the press during the film’s release.

For many millennials, the ’90s doesn’t seem that long ago. But as the TikTok user illustrated, it was quite a different media landscape back then. A ton of pieces were obsessed with Silverstone’s weight, with one even comparing her to Babe the Pig, simply for having, as the user points out, a “full figure face.”

The Clueless actress has since opened up numerous times about that moment in her life, including as recently as 2020.

The actress herself caught wind of the TikTok user defending her and ended up doing a duet reaction video. Now if that’s not a testament to a fan being able to connect to a celebrity, I don’t know what is. Check out the post below, where the actress is so moved by the post she tells her fan, “I love you.”

We think this TikTok user’s pursuit of justice is something Batgirl herself would’ve smiled upon.

And speaking of Batgirl, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the character on the silver screen, with the last outing being Silverstone’s in ’97.

The character is set to return to the DC extended universe with Leslie Grace’s portrayal of Batgirl in the forthcoming The Batman in 2022.