Alien Fan Creates Awesome Realistic Facehugger COVID-19 Mask


The standard operating procedure for leaving the house these days is: apply Purell, put on gloves and then a mask. It’s become the norm, as health officials recommend that everyone follow these steps when needing to leave their home. Even celebrities like Michael Biehn encourage it.

And really, the one place people still need to go to is the grocery store. I was just at one the other day and saw an assortment of masks including N91s, surgical masks, a red bandana and yes, even a military style gas mask. That guy was prepared for multiple scenarios.

But if we have to leave our homes and risk our lives for a gallon of milk, shouldn’t we at least look cool while doing it? One man in Germany certainly thinks so and is clearly winning in that department by dawning a facehugger mask right out of the movie Alien.

The realistic-looking creation comes from artist Lady Frankenstein. After creating an octopus-style mask for herself with tentacles, her husband got a little jealous.

“After my husband expressed his desire for his own fancy mask (I just can’t refuse anything,) I made myself straight to work,” she said.

In a Facebook post, she described how she was able to create such a detailed design. She started with a frame or “scaffolding” to work from. Using tinfoil, she was then able to create a mold to properly fit her husband’s face.

The end result is a mask that features jointed legs and a long vertebra “tail” that wraps around the neck. Anyone who’s an Alien fan will appreciate it, no doubt, and while it’s hard to say how effective the mask actually is, it certainly gets style points.

Before you know it, we’ll be seeing Bane masks, Hannibal Lecter masks and perhaps even Mortal Kombat masks for all you video game fans. And hey, if it gets the job done and protects you, to each his own. Who says antivirus masks can’t be fashionable?